Why use barn door against conventional swing door

What Is Barn Door ?

The barn door basically functions as a type of sliding door. Which you can install in any part of the home, when you have limited space. While looking to install new doors in your home, you may come across the concept of barn doors. At one point of time, these doors were used as entry and exit points for a barn. It is this that has earned them their name. 

Over the years, barn doors have become a staple for many urban homes. As they work as aesthetically pleasing sliding doors for the interiors. If you are looking to get sliding doors for your home that come equipped with some fine decorative elements, you should definitely go with barn doors. Whether you want a door with a rustic touch or a minimalistic modern look, you can have a lot of great options when you go with barn doors. 

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The Benefits of Barn Doors

Be it in terms of the hardware of the doors or their looks. You can have a plethora of great options to choose from when you opt for having barn doors. Another great advantage of these barn doors is that you can get them as single sliding or double sliding doors. If you want to get doors for a bathroom or a closet or some other utility area, then you can opt for the single sliding barn doors.  

On the other hand, the double sliding barn doors can be used for your home’s main living area. The exterior barn doors can be installed to work as back and front entrances. The barn doors are also known to offer a lot of flexibility to home owners. Therefore, you can use them in any way you prefer. 

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Why some choose Barn Doors over Regular Doors

A contemporary door or barn door is always a better choice when you compare it with a conventional swing door. The reason for this is that traditional swing doors can block the walkways in the home and also require sufficient space to open. They can also lead to friction of the doorknob with the walls that can damage them. However, the barn doors do not need to have sufficient floor space for swinging open. 

Even though you must have wall space for installing them so that they can open properly, you benefit from them a lot since they only remain flat by the wall. This makes them really suitable for small homes where there is already a shortage of space. If you are thinking of placing some furniture close to the doorway. You need to make space for it, then you should certainly go for the barn doors as they can suit you perfectly.  

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Recycled Wood for Your Barn Door
Nowadays you can also get barn doors made from reclaimed door that offer a rustic feel to them. Whether you want to have the barn door open up to the main drawing room or in any other corner of your residential place, the barn doors can be suitable for you. This is why barn doors are considered to be some of the most versatile doors for all kinds of homes.
Installing barn doors

Barn doors are relatively easy to install in your home. WIth the top tracks and guide below, you can be assured of sturdy installation and that the barn doors will glide effortlessly along. Putting handles on the doors are optional as they open easily with a simple gentle slide. However, if you would like to add handles, you can also consider our artisanal door handles.

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