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A cosy and pleasant sitting area is the key to comfort in any home. It is where one would spend time with the family, immerse oneself in a good book and a glass of wine or even host their loved ones. If you’re someone who enjoys the above mentioned activities, SMOKE® wooden sofa collection would be the perfect addition to your home.

Delicately and skillfully carved from RAINTREE, SUAR WOOD, MAHOGANY, and most tropical hardwood species and aesthetically fitted with upholstery and cushion, our sofas serve to relax you after a long, exhausting day. Our beautifully designed fabrics are composed of linen and various materials and adorn a faux leather finishing to give you that sheer comfort and delight that you deserve.

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Livia two seater wooden sofa
Wooden sofa armchair
Solomon 2 seater wooden sofa up close smoke

Shou Sugi Ban Collection

Geumsog sib thumbnail

Geumsog 십 Sofa

Geumsog ahob thumbnail

Geumsog 아홉 Sofa

Livia two seater

Livia Sofa

Hot seat thumbnail

Hotseat Sofa

Shelby 3 seater thumbnail

Shelby Sofa

Laurena Thumbnail

Laurena Sofa

Solomon 2 seater front view thumbnail

Solomon Sofa

Shelby 3 seater wooden sofa

Unique Wooden Sofa in Singapore

Our wood is highly SUSTAINABLE and hence contributes to an eco-friendly home as it is responsibly sourced and certified. Although responsibly harvested wood is a renewable source, we dedicate extra effort to utilizing RECYCLED WOOD without compromising on quality as well. This effort reduces the carbon footprint thus helping us fight against climate change.

Our wide range of designer sofas includes 2 seater sofas and 3 seater sofas. While some of them have undergone the Signature Shou Sugi Ban process to give a refined and CHARRED finishing, some have retained the natural wood look. Every one of them differs in terms of design, detail, and texture. Explore our diverse range of wooden sofa and find the one that captures your heart.

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Mrs. o sofa wooden sofa orter

Natural Collection

Neukkim sofa pattern collection

Neukkim Sofa

Narelle sofa Thumbnail

Narelle Sofa

Deopgae 둘 wooden sofa

Deopgae 둘 Sofa

Elliot wooden sofa

Elliot Sofa

Gianni lounge sofa THUMBNAIL

Gianni Sofa

Francisco wooden sofa front view

Francisco Sofa

Orsino armchair sofa

Orsino Sofa

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