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The Retro Era

The 80s were a great time to be alive. From The Beatles, ABBA, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Polka Dots, Bell-Bottom pants, Hopscotch to Sand Playgrounds, it was a time where the Baby Boomers and Generation X were living their best lives. Retro never dies out. Retro is essentially trends from 20 years ago that still hold resonance and value to the current times. Similarly, golden elements of the 80s are still very much relevant in the 2000s.

Today, many trends revolve around subtlety and minimalism. Rarely do we come across creators who provide vintage furniture that is lively and effervescent. The ’80s were full of life. From the distinct colours to the geometric shapes and prints, everything was bigger and better! Bring back the zest of life from the retro era with our mid-century vintage collection from our Retro and Orter line. Revisit the nostalgic memories of the 80s and recreate wonderful moments from the vintage era!

Orter Furniture

Orter is all about recreating vintage classics. Inspired by the retro and vintage era, we design and create furniture from scratch that will invite a new zest of life into your homes. The loud and contrasting colours and exotic patterns of fabric from the 80s will fill your homes with a splash of colours and character. Spice up your living spaces with vibrant, artisanal wooden sofas instead of conventional, minimalistic couches. The intricate prints on the fabric and the beautiful pencil legs of these masterpieces are truly mesmerising as compared to subtle, pastel sofas that are commonly available. In the past, talented craftsmen were known for carving out stunning furniture from a single slab of wood with almost no sign of screws or any joinery.

This process was delicate and highly time-consuming. Manufacturers today do not have that freedom of time. Hence, such elegant and classy furniture is an uncommon sight. Inspired by these craftsmen of the past, SMOKE provides sleek, streamline furniture which is proof of our skilled workmanship. In a world where time is of the essence and extremely precious, we dedicate ample time into creating each and every masterpiece. Spend your evenings relaxing on our stunning rocking chairs as you enjoy a cup of soothing tea. Give your modern homes a vintage touch and fill it with nostalgic memories from the retro era!

emsley armchair for retro interior design
Adriel wooden armchair

Adriel Armchair

Kriss pink armchair square

Kriss Pink Armchair

Orsino armchair sofa single seater

Orsino Armchair

Batik armchair Thumbnail

Batik Armchair

Karin blue armchair square

Karin Blue Armchair

Narelle sofa Thumbnail

Narelle Sofa

Elliot wooden sofa

Elliot Sofa

Gianni lounge sofa THUMBNAIL

Gianni Sofa

Emsley armchair

Emsley Armchair

Kriss green armchair square

Kriss Green Armchair

Gianni lounge armchair

Gianni Black Armchair

Gianni lounge armchair red

Gianni Red Armchair

Karin purple armchair

Karin Purple Armchair

Mrs. o sofa wooden sofa orter

Mrs O Sofa

Deopgae 둘 wooden sofa

Deopgae 둘 Sofa

Emilio grey wooden armchair square

Emilio Grey Armchair

Dentist armchair square

Dentist Armchair

Layla rocking armchair

Layla Rocking Chair

Archelle armchair square

Archelle Armchair

Neukkim sofa pattern collection

Neukkim Sofa

Francisco wooden sofa front view

Francisco Sofa

Orsino armchair sofa

Orsino Sofa

Retro Furniture

Our retro furniture line prides itself in transforming obsolete furniture into newer and repurposed ones through remodeling them upon countless customer requests. Retro and vintage furniture in Singapore that were proudly owned by our parents and grandparents were made of robust materials like hardwoods especially, teak wood. They gave so much value to these furniture pieces and treasured them like they were jewels. As time went by, trends changed. With built-in and walk-in wardrobes in newer apartments, mid-century furniture like vintage cabinets that were owned by our elders may have become obsolete. However, they still hold sentimental value and are in perfectly good condition because of the high-quality wood, making it painful to even think of disposing of them.

Art is priceless. Like remains from a shipwreck, not everything is worth salvaging. Only some prove to be treasured. Age is timeless. Like a fine wine, wood becomes less prone to defects and more valuable over time. At Smoke, we strive to add value to certain wood furniture that is highly valuable and are worth preserving for centuries to come. We create masterpieces with an amalgamation of modern and vintage elements that people from all eras can resonate to. Explore our collection of modern yet retro masterpieces.

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