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These beautiful charred wall panel are being created with the Shou Sugi Ban technique, also known as Yakisugi, a century-old Japanese wood charring technique that was carried out on timber panels in Japanese houses. Through this exquisite transformative technique, the panels are imbued with astonishing new qualities. First, the aesthetic of the wood will evolve to a higher level. From sight alone, the charred panels will induce a very rustic feel with their beautiful charcoal black colour. Second, the texture of the wood is also highlighted by this charring process which heightens the rough and raw wood texture by bringing out its natural grain. This gives Smoke Wall Panels a very organic feel, exposing the genuine character of the wood.

Shou Sugi Ban Feature Wall in Singapore

The Shou Sugi Ban technique has to be performed with great accuracy and ability. Smoke™ founder Marcus Wang has dedicated years of his life to honing his skills at this extraordinary craft and is a pioneer of the Shou Sugi Ban technique in Asia. Each panel had been carefully and meticulously handled by him to become the masterpieces you see today. Every single charred panel is unique, no two are the same. The charred exterior exudes not only feelings of zen but also emanate sophistication , creating not only uniqueness but warmth through out.

You can incorporate these charred panels into an assortment of things such as doors, feature walls, floorings, ceiling claddings, sidings and even furniture. With creativity, the options are limitless! There are also different wood species available that will result in vastly different hues and textures — charred Cherrywood will have a scaly texture — after undergoing the Shou Sugi Ban charring technique, making these eye-catching charred panels even more unique and also customisable to your needs. They will definitely be a conversational piece, imbuing the environment with a timeless aesthetic.

Charred Feature Wall Panel Benefits

Some extra benefits on the after effect of charring processed are that these Smoke Wall Panels will become water-resistant as the process of having gone through carbonation diminishes the permeability of water to wood. Wood is made up of two compounds, cellulose and lignin, and when the softer cellulose layer is burned off during the Shou Sugi Ban wood charring technique, it leaves the harder lignin layer exposed, resulting in the panels becoming fire-resistant while also depriving fungi and wood-eating insects the lignin and carbohydrates to feed on, making these panels pest-free too. Let these aesthetically and physically outstanding charred panels bring out the authenticity of your site — Charred Is The New Black !

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Create a zen and holistic living space using smoke charred panel for featured wall & exterior facade. Charred Is The New Black for homes that need statement.

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