Wooden Dining Chairs & Stools

SMOKE® wooden dining chairs and stools are a great way to add functionality to your living spaces without too much clutter. In fact, they are small enough to tuck away in a corner. Furthermore, this multipurpose stool can double up as an exquisite side table. Furniture such as wooden dining chairs and stools do not have to be boring. On the contrary, they are an opportunity for you to add personality to your interior space. 

Eco-Friendly Bespoke Wooden Chairs & Stools

Our wood is responsibly sourced and certified to be SUSTAINABLE to contribute to an eco-friendly home. Although responsibly harvested wood is renewable, we dedicate extra effort to utilise recycled wood without compromising on quality. Subsequently, this effort reduces the carbon footprint and help us fight against climate change.
Zen inspired stool
Zen inspired stool
Hexagon organic solid wood stool coffee table

Hexagon Organic Stool

Zen furniture twin organic coffee table

Twin Organic Stool

Zen furniture stool organic coffee table

Stool Organic

Jacob suar wood stool

Jacob Stool

Knob organic

Knob Organic Stool

Zen furniture titan organic coffee table

Titan Organic Stool

Caleb silver wooden bench

Caleb Stool Silver

Jason suar wood stool

Jason Stool

sake organic

Sake Organic Stool

Zen furniture whiskey organic charred stool coffee table

Whiskey Organic Stool

Caleb Wooden Stool

Caleb Stool

Zen furniture organic stool

Organic Stool, Singapore Design & Handcrafted

Many of our pieces are uniquely and delicately charred using the Signature Shou Sugi Ban technique unlike most conventional wooden stools in Singapore. Similarly, every charred design is an extraordinary masterpiece. In fact, do not miss out on the opportunity to own a couple of our Shou Sugi Ban stools. Likewise, if you pride being organic or authentic, these stools will complement your personality. To sum up, whether you have a modern or rustic interior, our wooden stool will aesthetically enhance any corner of your home.

Wooden Dining Chairs in Singapore

Wooden furniture enables us to create a sense of the natural world indoors. In addition, most city-dwellers live in dense and concrete apartments. Hence, it is dream-like to be able to foster a sense of nature in your living space. Our specialised artisanal Dining Chair collection will help you achieve this dream. For this, we have various types of wood with a wide-ranging colour spectrum and fascinating patterns of fabrics. We strive to fill your homes with warmth and sheer comfort. In short, invite seamless grace to your home by indulging in our Designer Wooden Chairs and Stools.
Armchair with dining table
Dining table with Geumsog Hana Dining Chairs
Wooden dining tables feature wall
Geumsog Du Dining Chairs
This set of dining chairs is ideal for adding a touch of industrial-inspired style to your sitting area. In fact, it features a bentwood back with a warm wood tone. Needless to say, this design provides a mixed-material look that’s popping up in our photography these days! Whether you double up and add 4 around your table, these versatile dining chairs are sure to please you and your guests.
Geumsog Hana Dining Chairs
GEUMSOG HANA wooden arm dining chairs have a simple and modern silhouette design. The Geumsog Hana dining chairs makes the most of its minimalist industrial form. In addition, it has a coffee tanned top-grain faux leather seat and back. This wooden arm dining chair brings added interest to your dining table through its dimensional cutout and solid wood armrest.
Dining table with background bnw
Dining table with Geumsog Hana Dining Chairs

Geumsog Hana Dining Chairs With Designer Dining Table

Alana Dining Chair
Our Alana Dining Chair has a modern retro classic style design. Solid wood is used to produce it. Essentially, the Alana Dining Chair's simple and sleek tapered black legs with brass-capped tips is a modern twist. In short, this chair can enhance your dining room and living spaces. Undeniably, its caned pattern draws the eye wherever it’s placed.

Alana Dining Chair

wooden dining chair
wooden dining chair Olena
wooden dining chair
ash wood dining chair Olena
Olena Dining Chairs
The weave on the OLENA WOODEN DINING CHAIR provides a different texture in a dining room. Furthermore, its colours can complement any tables. Featuring contrasting hues and an eclectic material mix, the Olena Wooden Dining Chair easily elevates your space with its design. The wood grains ground the retro cane and brushed solid ash wood frame's textures to provide modern chracteristics.
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