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The Art of Shou Sugi Ban

The Shou Sugi Ban technique, also known as Yakisugi, is a century-old Japanese technique of wood charring. Originally carried out on TIMBER PANELS in Japanese houses, this beautiful and transformative process is executed with great precision, control and mastery. Perfectly grasping this exceptional craft requires years of practice and experience which is exactly what SMOKE® by Shou Sugi Ban’s founder has dedicated years of his life to. Flawlessly executing this technique demands wide and well-versed knowledge and a deep understanding of the craft. Each piece undergoes a meticulous and tedious process over a great deal of time before becoming the unique masterpieces that you see today. As pioneers of the Shou Sugi Ban technique in Singapore, we strive to awe you with our unconventional and exceptional designer furniture line.

Charred Wooden Designer Furniture Singapore

The results of the Shou Sugi Ban technique are breath-taking. The intricate details of the organic grain and patterns of the wood are accentuated upon undergoing the charring process. The type of wood and method of charring create a diverse range of results in terms of the refined details, textures, or the highlights and details of the wood grain. When the SHOU SUGI BAN technique is integrated with thoughtfully planned designs, the beauty of each individual piece is further highlighted, especially with respect to the intricate details and patterns on the wood. Our designer furniture is unique, exquisite, and distinctive.

We Craft The Art of Minimalism

Zen Inspired Art Furniture

As a pioneer in Live Edge furniture, Smoke Zen Collection prides itself in providing new, artistic, and unique pieces to enhance your homes and offices. With its subdued yet contrasting tones and meticulously charred intricate details, our organic designer furniture line will captivate creative minds.

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