Audiophile Console table

Smoke Audiophile Console Tables are unique and come in various designs and layouts. Adorning many compartments to store your records, these vinyl records tables also come with a fine tabletop to flaunt your vintage vinyl players that are most definitely back in trend. They are accessorised with glass doors or full wooden doors, exquisite door knobs and aesthetic legs with brass capping to give a more refined look. These legs, unlike most, are designed as pencil legs which is an essence of retro-styled furniture. Why opt for conventional audio racks when you could have a specialised and uniquely customised audio console table?

Audio phile console table

The Lucia Audiophile Console Table is a classic. Delicately handcrafted from Acacia wood, this amazing table is a true beauty. The hardwood is carefully treated to retain the beautiful natural grain patterns and texture of the raw material. With streamline and sleek pencil legs with metal brass capping, this handcrafted piece will not fail to enamour you and your guests. The multiple shelves and beautiful compartments with glass doors serve as a perfect space to store your vinyl player and records. Like diamonds in a rough, antique vinyl players and records have become a rare find these days. If you are still someone holding on to these priceless musical gems, invest and beautify your home with our bespoke audio console table. Accentuate your homes and music rooms or areas with this exquisite table. Complete your audiophile console table with the antique vinyl player, amplifier and speakers.

Audiophile Console Table Lucia 5
Audiophile Console Table Kalahi 4

Accents of our Records Table Collection

Smoke Audiophile Console Tables will not cease to amaze you. Made from premium handcrafted Acacia wood and tastefully crafted, these tables will be an eccentric addition to any corner of your home. Unlike most simplistic audio racks, ample time, effort and detail is dedicated to the creation of each and every console table. These masterpieces are an excellent storage space for your wide collection of records.

For all music lovers, old school and modern, this table will be a perfect fit for your homes. Entertain your house guests with an evening of soulful music and enamour them with our stunning Vinyl Records Table collection.

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