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Radco Armchair with Adia Teak Side Table


Meticulously designed to perfection, our Armchair Singapore Collection features a wide range of modern and RETRO SOFAS and chairs. Crafted from premium teak wood and ash wood, these retro chairs and sofa armchairs will add a splash of character to your homes with its vibrant colours, designer fabrics and styles.

Although vastly unique in their own ways, our Sofa and Armchair Singapore Collection are mainly CATEGORISED into two main groups; one where they are tastefully designed with our SIGNATURE SHOU SUGI BAN technique and the other where they are delicately crafted from Natural Wood.

The thoughtfully designed charred details on the Shou Sugi Ban Armchair collection are exquisite and intricate, accentuating the beauty of the wood itself and the designer fabric that accompanies the sofa armchairs. The application of the Shou Sugi Ban technique on furniture is unique to SMOKE®, and is not seen anywhere else in Asia.

Back View of Malo Armchair

Shou Sugi Ban Armchair Collection

Geumsog 6 Armchair Sofa Side View
Morra armchair sofa

Armchair in Singapore

The upholstery from our RETRO CHAIR COLLECTION vastly differs from most conventional armchairs. Our SOFAS and chairs come with fixed cushioned seating to minimise the shifting and maximise your comfort. The exotic and aesthetic fabric on our modern and retro sofas will brighten up any room.

The ‘Livia Chair’ and ‘Maroon Lawyer Chair’ from this sofa armchair collection were featured in a local MediaCorp TV production called ‘Happy Prince”.

Diversify your sitting area by including a couple of customized bar stools and rocking chairs from this sofa armchair collection. The medley of colours and delightful patterns set upon natural wood and charred wood from our sofa armchairs in this armchair collection will captivate anyone who walks into your home.

The sofa armchair is not just a piece of furniture that sits in your home. It is a puzzle piece that makes up your dream home, an essential piece to complete the vibe you want to imbue into your home. Our sofa armchairs in this furniture collection will add in personality to your home – reflecting your character and style.

Armchair wood
Keenan armchair

Natural Armchair in Singapore Collection

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