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Bespoke Wooden Dining Tables Singapore

Have your meals in style and tranquillity with our unconventional tabletops. We customise designer solid wood dining table in Singapore. Wooden dining tables are an essential element in our homes. Above all, it is a place where families and friends gather and bond over a hearty meal.

Most city-dwellers live in dense and concrete apartments. Hence, a customised solid wood dining tabletop will foster a sense of nature in your living space. For instance, our artisanal and custom handcrafted LIVE EDGE solid wood slab collection will let you retain earthy energy indoors. We have a wide-ranging colour spectrum of the various types of solid wood slabs. In addition, we also have many fascinating grain patterns for the tabletops. They differ in their wood grains, shape, and texture. With this, SMOKE® strives to fill your homes with warmth and uniqueness.

Sustainability in Singapore

Our wood is responsibly sourced, reclaimed, and certified in Singapore. These native organic wood slabs are highly sustainable. That is to say, this contributes to an eco-friendly home. Although responsibly felled Singapore wood is a sustainable source, we utilise extra effort to use reclaimed wood without compromising on quality. As a result, this helps us fight against climate change by reducing the carbon footprint.

SMOKE® Sustainability Efforts

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Thanya dining table upclose

Beckett Designer Wooden Dining Table

This Beckett Designer Table is modern yet industrial for use as dining table or office desk, is a pretty cool statement piece. The base of the designer table was design , handmade with metal hollow section in Singapore Smoke® studio and with smoke black powder coated finish. The table top was handcrafted from Singapore reclaimed solid suar wood and accented with natural finished. Which will be sure to get your guests buzzing with the beautiful rich unique wood grains.

Carved from reclaimed solid Teak wood, the ISAAC Table adorns a unique zigzag pattern. Moreover, teak wood has a captivating distressed colouring that enhances its beauty even further. The perfect combination of metal and wood strives to exude a minimalistic industrial look and feel.  This piece really stands out among other conventional pieces with splashes of bright blue and rose/copper coloured metal legs.

Add some colour and character to your dining spaces. Subsequently, have your meals in style with our unconventional live edge table top and designer solid wood dining table.


Issac dining table upclose
Matchibo dining table


 Created from solid New Zealand pine wood with walnut finish, our SMOKE® MATCHIBO Dining Table’s X-shaped design is simple yet eye-catching. Certainly, this is a versatile cross-legged table design. Moreover, the table offers space for 6 to 8 people. Whether the occasion is for casual use or any modern or traditional dining room, this piece is able to meet your needs.

Fouke Designer Wooden Dining Table

With an industrial charm The Fouke has an air of sophistication, the solid wood Live Edge Dining Table incorporates everything you think of when dreaming of an autumn day in this cosmopolitan city. An oval shape slab of Singapore reclaimed suar wood with beautiful circular wood grains spinning out from the center is already a statement by itself. The Suar wood slab sits atop a Smoke design and hand-crafted metal base to create a fusion of natural table top with industrial elements that are simultaneously rustic and modern. This Fouke solid wood designer live table edge dining table further adds to the unique beauty of each piece to provide the home design elements that you have been searching for, combined with the quality you expect.

Wooden dining tables feature wall

Felab Live Edge Wooden Dining Table

Wooden dining table feature wall

Live edge wooden work desk

Wooden dining table feature wall

Live Edge Wooden Dining Table

Live Edge Wooden Dining Table With Robson Dining Bench

Felab Live Edge Wooden Dining Table With Dining Chairs and Bench

Felab Live Edge Wooden Dining Table With Wooden Dining Bench

Colbie Solid Wood Bench with dining table

Rickson Live Edge Wooden Dining Table With Dining Chairs and Bench

Rickson Dining Table with Bjorn wooden bench

Rickson Live Edge Wooden Dining Table With Bjorn Dining Bench

Dining table with Geumsog Hana Dining Chairs

Live Edge Wooden Dining Table With Geumsog Hana Chair

Rickson Dining Table with Geumsog Hana dining chairs

Rickson Dining Table With Geumsog Dining Chair

Colbie solid wood bench with dining table

Rickson Dining Table With Colbie Wooden Bench

Colbie solid wood bench with dining table

Rickson Dining Table With Wooden Dining Bench

Isaac wooden dining table

Issac Dining Table With Logan Wooden Bench

Dining table with background bnw

Daigle Dining Table With Geumsog Dining Chair

Issac wooden dining table

Issac Dining Table With Geumsog Du Dining Chair

Kayden Dining Table

Kayden Dining Table

Live Edge Wooden Dining Table

Beckett Dining Table

Fouke Dining Table

brookston dining table

Brookston Dining Table

Garfunker teak dining table
Bespoke metal stand on making
Jefferson wooden Dining Table
Jefferson wooden Dining Table

Jefferson Wooden Dining Table With Logan Designer Wooden Bench

Jefferson wooden Dining Table

Macgregor Geometric Dining Table

Our Designer Macgregor Solid Wood Dining Table crafted by a master artisan, MW@Smoke®, is a statement. Every piece designed requires a clear objective to justify its production. The Macgregor is no exception – designed and handcrafted as a challenge against the boring shape of traditional conventional dining table stand. The reclaimed organic live edge contour is as beautiful as it gets for a natural solid wood tabletop. The wood grains of the solid wood tabletop interlocks with reclaimed Suar wood. Our hand-welded 3D geometric collection by MW@Smoke® will support this tabletop. With a fusion of perpendicular lines, the metal frame provides a three-dimensional look from every angle. In essence, its contemporary design / industrial-inspired dining table is an authentic statement piece.
brookston wooden dining table

Brookston Dining Table

wooden dining table zoomed

Brookston Dining Table

The Lightness of Minimalism

Whether you're with family or friends, with the Solid Wooden Slab Brookston dining table handcrafted from Singapore Reclaimed Solid Suar Wood. You'll be dining on cloud-nine thanks not least to the table top with blue river that appears to float over the supporting Brookston Singapore design and handcrafted minimalist metal frame with solid wood single slab. In fact, it is connected via a visible slim metal support to the table top , creating a very special illusion of lightness.

The dining table is available in various sizes. Either with a straight edge solid wood table top or a live edge solid wood one’s, with rounded table corners and edges. The table top and frame are available in single slabs of South American walnut, Suar Wood or Mahogany solid wood. The Brookston metal & wood support can be finished as preferred in gun grey or charcoal black. Whichever choice you make, the Brookston solid wood slab dining table matches perfectly with our Logan solid wood bench to create a unique urban lifestyle.

Unique Local Designer Customised Dining Tables for You

If you take pride in being organic or authentic, these customised Natural Edges solid Wood tables, chairs, tabletop or kitchen top will allow for a better carbon footprint for Singapore and the world. Our customised solid wooden dining tables and wood slab will enhance your home aesthetically whether it is for a modern or rustic interior. Importantly, these unconventional pieces will prove to be a compliment and an accent piece in your interior décor. Explore SMOKE® for a variety of Singapore design and handcrafted wood furnitures made with true artisanal craftsmanship.

Suar Wood dining table close up detail


Issac Wooden Dining Table

ART dining table wood

Art Dining Table

Metal stand on progress

Handcrafted Metal Stand

Dining table armchair

Live Edge Dining Table

Kayden Dining Table


Kayden Dining Table

Handcrafted Table Stand

Kayden Table Stand Detailing

Kayden Wooden Dining Table

The Kayden contemporary solid wood table top with Industrial metal & wood X Legs Straight Edge Dining Table. Designed by Smoke® Brainy and handcrafted in Singapore, the Kayden metal X legs fuse classic inspiration with modern techniques. Essentially, this X legs design is to free up leg space for users to enjoy more legroom with contemporary style. Also, we used a horizontal wooden strip to provide rigidity and hold the frames together. It has a SMOKE® logo carve onto it. Finally, we used Singapore reclaimed wood to build the solid South American Walnut hardwood tabletop, a sustainable source. Basically, the Kayden table design series is customizable. For instance, customize wood – Suar Wood, African Mahogany and South American Walnut – and dimensions.

Kayden Wooden Dining Table

Kayden Dining Table

Garfunker table stool wood full
Garfunker Solid Teak Wood Dining Table
The Garfunker table is an absolute classic piece. Moreover, it was drawn by Smoke® Brainy artist with contemporary art expression. Certainly, inspired by the conflicting angel and devil voices in our mind, this table represents human nature.
Furthermore, salvaged from the sawmill, is the Burmese teakwood used for this tabletop. Given an “F” grade for export due to the numerous wood cavities, this is a real piece of reclaimed wood. The Garfunker table crafted from reclaimed Burmese teak wood was infilled delicately with high-quality resin while retaining its organic live edge form. This stunning dining table incorporates our Smoke® design & Singapore hand-welded, Star-Wars inspired, Alexander table stand. The Garfunker table will not cease to mesmerise anyone. 
Pair it with a couple of our exquisite solid wood stool or Logan solid wood bench and you have yourselves a phenomenal solid wood dining table set in your homes.

Pair Up Your Dining Table with Our Signature SMOKE® Dining Chair

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