Handcrafted Furniture

Handcrafted furniture made in Singapore

In a world where most entrepreneurs opt for a Fordism method of business operations, we believe in producing bespoke handcrafted furniture right here in Singapore like no other furniture maker . Fordism is whereby manufacturers invest in mass production or utilising heavy machinery and equipment for their creations. As a Singapore based design and furniture crafted ,SMOKE® invest ample time and effort into the creation of each and every piece of designer furniture.

Every design is sparked by a moment of inspiration and handcrafted in limited number of pieces. These ideas then come to life, courtesy of our remarkable and highly skilled artisan team with many years of woodworking and  furniture design experience.

With an outstanding Singapore design team , using premium sustainable wood component of variation of wood species, our handcrafted furniture are a truly unique work of art, and no two pieces are exactly the same. The grain pattern of each wood type ensures that even seemingly identical stools are distinctly unique if you take a closer look. Over the years, we have established a wide and diverse array of bespoke creations, ranging from furniture to inspiring wall art and accessories.

Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Table Work in Progress
Handcrafted furniture Singapore - chiseling some wood
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Details on Shou Sugi Ban

Uniquely Designed and Handmade Bespoke Furniture

From unique and signature skill like the Shou Sugi Ban technique and the promotion of live edge furniture, our works are far from conventional. SMOKE® is a pioneer when it comes to the Shou Sugi Ban technique in Singapore. This technique originated in Japan in the 18th century. Japanese craftsmen adopted this method as a way to treat wood to make it waterproof. This charring process gives the wood a deep charcoal black colour and reveals pristine, distinct lines and inherent textural beauty. The live edge collection retains the natural shape and looks of the wood to give it an earthy vibe and an authentic look.

smoke handcrafted
Handcrafted Charring Shou Sugi Ban

Responsibly sourced wood

At SMOKE®, we strongly believe in sustainable business practices. Hence, we give importance to protecting and sustaining our environment. Responsibly Singapore sourced and certified, our wood is highly sustainable and hence contributes to an eco-friendly home. Although responsibly harvested wood is a renewable source, we dedicate extra effort to utilising recycled wood without compromising on quality as well. This effort reduces the carbon footprint and helps us fight against climate change.

Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Wood Source
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Detailing Bench
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Dining Table Detail
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Detail
Handcrafted furniture Singapore
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Shou Sugi Ban back View
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore - Armchair Shou Sugi Ban
handcrafted furniture Singapore garfunker dining table
Handcrafted Live Edge Teak Wood Dining Table
Handcrafted Furniture Cabinet detailing
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Console Detail Closes Up
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Hourglass
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore details 1
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Close Up Side Table
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Sofa Armrest Detailing
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Organic Zen
Handcrafted Furniture Side Table
Handcrafted Furniture Back Sofa Detailing
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore

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Handcrafted Furniture
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