Wall Art

Walls are essentially empty canvases. Until we decorate them with everything that is meaningful to us, of course. At Smoke, we offer an exquisite range of Wooden Wall Art; wooden carvings on a wooden plate. The essence of our wall art is nostalgia and pride. Unlike conventional wooden wall art in Singapore, our wooden wall art is inspired by Singapore in the 60s and 70s. These masterpieces will allow you to take a walk down memory lane to the good old days when Singapore just started flourishing and feel a sense of pride to see how much we have achieved in just a short span of time.

Our retro wall art aims to invoke a sense of nostalgia into one’s heart. A couple of our masterpieces are skillfully and delicately designed and charred with the Smoke Signature Shou Sugi Ban method. Our wooden wall art is specialised and custom made. Hence, you can opt to decide what your wall art will depict and reflect.

'Inspiration' Wall Art

'Family' - Wall Art

Our wood is highly sustainable and hence contributes to an eco-friendly home as it is responsibly sourced and certified. Although responsibly harvested wood is a renewable source, we dedicate extra effort to utilizing recycled wood without compromising on quality as well. This effort reduces the carbon footprint thus helping us fight against climate change.

Charred Wall Art

'Smoke' - Wall Art

Exquisite Wall Art in Singapore

Our wall art strives to give any room great depth and sheer visual comfort. Unlike many other materials, would enhances and thrives in any surrounding. Whether you have a modern or vintage interior, wood never fails to tastefully blend in. Our wooden tones, charred or not, strive to invite seamless grace and warmth into your living and working places. Enhance your home and office spaces with our modern yet retro art that brings about nostalgia and brightens your day whenever you walk past it.

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