Singapore’s 55th National Day

Taking only 55 years to transform from a mere fishing village to a cosmopolitan, vibrant and 1st world city is no easy feat. As our nation celebrates it’s 55th birthday, let us all take a moment to recall, recognise and appreciate what makes our beautiful Singapore the magnificent beauty that it is.

As a Singapore born and bred company, Smoke prides itself in being authentically Singaporean. We attempt to incorporate nation pride and patriotism into our designer artwork and furniture at any chance we get. Moreover, we believe in sustainability and recycling efforts.

Back in the day, men were mostly the sole breadwinners of the family. Women used to support their families by taking on simple sewing jobs from their friends and neighbours for additional income. Today, these sewing machines have become obsolete. Smoke has remodelled these sewing machines into exquisitely beautiful bookends. These vintage and nostalgic bookends serve as great book supporters.



The Singapore Identity

A couple of these bookends reflect a Singapore heritage theme. Our national flag, orchids, particularly the Vanda Miss Joaquim and the Merlion are practically tokens of identity for our nation. These are intricately and beautifully portrayed on our vintage bookends.

A few of our landscapes that tourists and even residents are constantly enamoured by are our beautiful Singapore skyline which includes the famous Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer. These are also creatively illustrated on the bookends.

Finally, even as an urban city, Singapore has an amazing, thriving wildlife. Our luscious greenery, rivers and reservoirs have also given us the name of ‘Garden City’. We share our stunning home with some lovely animals. Some of our fellow non-human residents include otters, wild boars, egrets, monkeys, snakes and fishes. All these aspects of nature have been intricately designed and displayed on our bookends.

Giving Thanks this National Day

For all these reasons and more, Singapore is the perfect place to call home. We may all come from different walks of life but one thing we share in common is the love for this nation.

We are immensely grateful for the security, opportunities and love that this country has provided not just citizens, but every resident of Singapore. No matter where you come from, you matter greatly to us! Happy 55th National Day to one and all. Here’s to a million more successful ones.