Since setting life ablaze, fire has been a defining property of intelligence since its discovery in the stone age for mankind. The element of fire has been tried, tested and prevailed through for multifarious uses.

Fire, when used creatively for different mediums could create beautiful works of art for detailing, it is unbeknownst to many that this potent source could produce intricate detailing with the apt mediums.

Shou Sugi Ban, also known as Yakisugi, is a method of wood charring with a jet of fire to produce intricate details that reveals inimitable organic grain and patterns of the wood. The result is a sleek, blackened surface that accentuates its distinctive wood grain upon charring. This method of Shou Sugi Ban, when being applied onto furniture pieces, creates refined and interesting detailing through a skillful yet meticulous process behind great conceptualizing and creative direction.

The beautiful transformative process of creating bespoke furniture and design integration with fire is made with great control and mastery. Showcased in our gallery are furniture pieces with Shou Sugi Ban after having gone through a series of well-controlled charring with a flaming torch.

Heat control and technique are paramount for the full Shou Sugi Ban effect, when charred with little heat; the result would be less ideal, leaving a lightly scorched surface. When charred with too much heat however, it could result to a pile of charcoal. This century-old Japanese technique of wood charring was originally for timber panels in Japanese houses, now implemented in a modern setting with great creative consideration in furniture pieces.

Pieces like solid wood slabs made to table-tops and solid wood stools with Shou Sugi Ban are painstakingly handmade over the span of at least 3-4 days before completion. The entire process involves great mastery and grasp of extended knowledge in the craft, where integration of design meets atop function and style. Given that every piece is handmade, neither is imitable due to its unique and distinctive charred effect against wood grain that differs, implying that every furniture piece is alike a one-of-one artwork- impossible to duplicate.


Mastery in this exceptional craft takes dedication and experience that is unimpeachably tedious but rewarding having produce beautiful furniture pieces with Shou Sugi Ban alike sculptural artworks in a gallery.